Wednesday, January 10

Lights Out

The letter below was published in The Journal Newspaper today:

Two weeks ago I wrote in these columns that it was becoming increasingly important to purchase a back-up generator for when the national grid fails and we are without power for regular periods of time.
The likelihood of anything intelligent being done about the problem has just receded further. According to a Eurobarometer poll released recently only 20 percent of those polled throughout the EU are in favour of nuclear energy, 80 percent back solar energy and 71 percent are in favour of wind energy. But with that level of hostility towards nuclear, and those sort of percentages in favour of renewables, the chances of any politicians making the "tough decision" and implementing the only truly feasible alternative, modern nuclear plants are becoming extremely slight.
The poll itself has been published as a curtain-raiser to the publication of the EU's strategic energy review, which will not become a runaway best seller though the document does worryingly affirm that the EU has not made any key decisions on improving Europe's medium and long term electrical power problems.

So it would appear that the lights are going out (again) all over Europe.

Peter Troy

Editor of the blogsite Very British Subjects.

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