Saturday, January 27

From the Editor's Keyboard

Reflecting on the past week - as one does on a Saturday morning - I am pleased to report three success during the week in the form of two emails and a posting.

I received considerable feedback from readers on the article posted last Saturday titled Collaborator -v- Appeaser (please scroll down). Apparently some members of the largest business organisation in the UK were unaware of the 'colours' of the two candidates standing for election as their National Chairman. More than a few I suspect were less than happy with the contents of the article and suprised at the effectiveness of blogs as a communication medium.

An email from the London School of Economics (LSE) requesting my services to assist with a Political research project, flattered my ego and will stretch my 'archive department' to its limits.

The email from the office of a MP in Palace of Westminster confirming that two questions that I had drafted the previous week on behalf of the City of Durham Credit Union will be 'tabled' in the House to The Chancellor of the Exchequer delighted my clients who are keen to raise the profile of Credit Unions, particularly in the wake of the collapse of Fairpack.

My only concern is whether I can take care of all the communications next week !

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