Thursday, January 18

Historical Sign ?

Talking as we were (well ok writing) about the Union between Scotland and England in the context of the overriding (and all controlling) European Union in looks like an Official in the border town of Berwick Council is having a dig at the Scots.

A sign just outside the town centre points to Edinburgh and Derby, the latter being as far as Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobites got on 4th December 1745, leaving on 6th (having fallen out with each other) to return to Edinburgh.The problem for the Council is that the sign gives the distance in metric, (something that the Young Pretender would have probably have approved since he was pro 'Europe') which does not conform to British legislation: The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions Act 2002. The legal requirement is that distances be given in miles, not kilometres. Curiously the distances when converted into miles are wrong (probably deliberately to confuse invading Scots).

For the avoidance of any possible doubt (as they say in legal circles) the editor of this blog will be sending to Berwick Council an NIP (a Notice of Intended Publicity).


Press man said...

The Highways guys in Northhumberland say its a cycle route and they are cycle miles not kilometres - since the route goes off the roadways at points then its not so straight as a highway route).

Peter Troy said...

Well I didn't think the Jacobites had cycles - or have I got it wrong and were they Jakobikes !