Wednesday, January 17

Naval Support

There has been much publicity recently on how the Royal Navy has been cut to the bone – to the extent that it is now scarcely if at all a credible force. Yet, despite that, Britain – under the tutelage of Prime Minister Tony Blair – is still determined to play its part in prosecuting the war on terror, alongside its mighty ally the United States.
Today the The Times tells us the allies are beefing up their naval forces in the Gulf to "go after" Iran. Britain's contribution is the two 600-ton minehunters HMS Blyth (perhaps named after the infamous Captain of the Bounty) and HMS Ramsey (both pictured above), which will remain in the Gulf for an unusually-long two-year mission "to keep shipping routes open in the event that Iran attempts to block oil exports". Which actually is quite likely.
Clearly British ''Gunboat deplomacy'' is not (yet) a policy of the past.

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