Monday, January 15

Early morning Englishness.

Englishness - well yes indeed. A 'phone call from a Producer at BBC Radio Cleveland this morning sent thought waves racing along the Editor's grey matter. ''Would he like to lead a discussion on Englishness on tomorrows morning breakfast programme, from 8.30 -9.30 am ?'' Well now, indeed he would.
Englishness is, of course, by its very definition is undefinable.
The radio programme gives an opportunity to comment on the Regionalisation (and sub-regionalisation) of our green and pleasant land as well as:

The dumming down of the English culture.
The loss of identity of English people.
The ability of Englishness to absorb incoming cultures.
The ridiculing of our glorious English History.
The increasing rarity of the truly English traditional Pub.
The decline of English Cricket.
The devastation of English rural heritage.
The disgraceful behavior of many English tourists when abroad.
The diversity of the most flexible language on the planet.
The fascination of the weather.
The English sense of fairplay.
The Cultivation of understatement.
The great English afternoon ritual of tea-time.
Oh - this will be fun.
Readers of a stout disposition in the Teesside area can tune in on 95 FM - though most of our readers being further a field will need to link onto to listen to this broadcasting extravaganza.

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Peter Troy said...

Oh you sounded great on the radio

Gill L