Sunday, March 4

£ 55,660,000,000

This blog has made many references to the cost of EU regulations in the past. It is right that we continue to highlight this issue because the media so often makes a mess of the key points.
As Christopher Booker reports this week in his regular column in The Sunday Telegraph a new study by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), shows that the total cost to business of new regulations imposed since 1998 is a huge £55.66 billion.
One of the reports in a national paper thunders "Labour's £55 bn roll of red tape", all this was blamed on the Labour Government. Yet it might have been rather more useful and interesting to quote from the BCC's website, which shows that £40 billion of this cost, or 72.5 per cent, is due not so much to "Labour" regulations as those emanating from the EU. This is one of the reasons that I proposed at the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) conference a few years ago that the organisation should demand that the UK leaves the EU. The branch delegates agreed by a majority of over 2 to 1; yet curiously the FSB did not adopt the matter as a policy.

Perhaps some of the 215,000 or so members of the FSB in the UK might like to ask at this years confrence how much cost the EU actually has to impose on its members before the FSB listens to its members wishes. Just a thought !

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