Thursday, March 22

A Very Grave Deception

Peter Troy on the 'Chair'
Britain's largest member based business organisation The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has elected a former Trade Union Offical as its National Chairman.
John Wright, a former member of the National Executive of NALGO and long time public servant (employee at Cleveland County Council) and more recently a director of companies and organisations established by Regional Government agencies has amazingly been elected as National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses at their AGM in Belfast this afternoon.
Clearly the Federation's members were impressed by Mr Wright's written election address which the editor of this blog, Peter Troy has complained to the Federation was deceptive in three key details.
One of the guests at the FSB's Conference is long standing Ulster Politician, Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley MP, one can only wish that in his address to the assembled delegates he reads to them from St Luke Gospel, Chapter 23 verse 34. The members should consider the words very carefully.
Dr Richard North takes up the issue >
The out-going Chairman of the FSB presents the Chain of Office to John Wright perhaps with the comment: ''there is enough here to hang yourself with''.


Peter Troy said...

John Wright today said:

"It is an honour to be elected and I thank the membership for their votes. I will repay their trust through hard work and delivering results for them."

OK John, what about some honesty? what about some hard facts? what about some detail? what about your old style union bullying attitute to those of us that disagree with you? I will be watching your performance very closely. For the benefit of any possible doubt, as qualified lawyers tend to state, I beleive that the FSB deserves strong honest inspired leadership.

Sandy Rham said...

They is a breed that hungers after authority, any authority, regardless of the priciples or charter behind the authority (didn't Marx, G. say something like, "These are my principles, if you don't like'm I've got some others" ?).

Due to either a triple-conscience bypass or maybe being born that way (still trying to work that out) these people use "authority" to take "action" with no concept of the responsibility that gave rise to the authority.

Responsibility is an old capitalist concept to be buried in "committee collective responsibility."

'Albeytor' said...

How can a trade unionist and local government employee know anything about small business and the generation of wealth? They only know how to spend it. Why did the FSB appoint him?

Anonymous said...

An ex FSB Member said...
The death of a once proud organisation, well its teeth had been pulled, it had lost its bite and now the heart has been ripped out. The national chairman is union man who professes to be a lawyer and have 40 years business experience. He is neither a lawyer nor has he been in business for more than 12 years.

All those who were party to this to this deception - shame on them