Tuesday, March 13

The Courage Of The Small Hours

A piece to be published on the blog in May will be pay homage to what the RAF Commander in Chief of Bomber Command, Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris, perceptively called ''the courage of the small hours''.
The piece will be a modest tribute to the courage of the Airmen of RAF Bomber Command. Much has been very well written about the Batttles of the Bomber War but little by those that lived through those years. I am keen to meet and chat to anyone who is wishes to share their memories and thus help my piece be different to what has been written before.
Why bother - well, for if such as I (and subsequent generations) born after the events of the second world war know why, how and when so much courage in the air was show then ' their name (and courage) will live for evermore.'

The 2nd World War Bomber Command death toll was a huge 55,573. It is a national disgrace that they have no national monument - the reasons for which I shall explore in my posting in May. It is important that the one hundred thousand men from Britain, Australia, Canada, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries who fought those battles over Germany are given their proper place in history.

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