Tuesday, March 27

Abolition of the Slave Trade

William Wilberforce
Sunday marked the 200th anniversary of the legislation that abolished slave trade in the British Empire and marked the beginning of the fight the Royal Navy waged for a long time against other slavers, particularly Arab ones.
There has been a great deal written about the subject, some sensible some completely nonsensical like the calls for Britain to apologize (to whom is not made clear) for being one of just about every country and civilization in owning and trading slaves, though, clearly there was something different about a country that firmly proclaimed that owning and trading slaves was actually wrong. That is what makes this anniversary so right and worthy of celebration.

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ss said...

Do we really believe that slavery has been abolished? What do we call the continued exploitation of the world’s poorest countries by the developed world?

It is my view that slavery continues to date. In present day slavery one a slave in one’s own country. The beneficiaries remain the same nations that physically destroyed families by separation and torture those many years ago.

Freedom who can ever know it?