Tuesday, March 27

Iran - some facts

The seizure of 15 British Sailors and Marines by Iran was not an isolated incident, but part of a long-running Iranian program to control the Shatt al-Arab. Some key facts:

  • The Narrows: A waterway beset by ethnic cleansing. Native Arab population of up to 500,000 “relocated.”

  • Resistance jailed, forced to confess, and executed.

  • Most politically sensitive area in the Middle East. Controls oil shipments and trade routes Iranian zone is the launch point for Iranian covert operations in Iraq.

  • Iran now controlling up to 40,000 agents in Iraq.

By Daniel Brett Chairman, British Ahwazi Friendship Society

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kelly said...

Coincidence?? I think NOT.


And this article highlights, researches and gives analysis of the story with a more rational and less gung ho emotional panic response.

'Hostage Crisis' Or End Game?

Up until the 23rd March 2007, it seemed unlikely that the 'creative destructionists' (1) and 'reality-makers' in the Pentagon and Tel Aviv would get to "liberate" Iran in the way they have liberated 26 million Iraqis (1 million of them from their bodies). The past 3 years of subtle and not-so-subtle slander and demonisation of the Iranian president and people by the American, British and Israeli governments and their media had been largely ineffective in further provoking the anti-Islamic ire of Joe six-pack. After all, with the US invasion of Iraq either a war crime or a quagmire (depending on your political perspective and depth of conscience) Bush's political capital account was seriously overdrawn, rendering the idea of extending the Middle East madness into an attack on Iran nothing but a Zionist pipe dream.

Or so it seemed..

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