Tuesday, March 6

A Sad Case

An interesting piece today in The Northern Echo by the Reverend Dr Peter Mullen who is Rector of St. Michael’s Cornhill, in the City of London and also Chaplian to the Stock Exchange.

The Rev. Gentleman takes as his theme a recent revelation that an estimated 70,000 people in Britain are suffering from dementia is probably in fact a gross under estimation.

Two points that the Reverend highlights, firstly the shocking truth that there are so many that are deadened by dementia that they never pick up a newspaper but sit around grinning hideously over the pictures in Heat and Hello magazine. The second sad example is a case when dementia reaches its terrible and irreversible stage. Dr Mullen sites
one of his parishioners, who was in the stages of advanced delusion; the city gent was under the impression that David Cameron was some sort of Tory; poor deluded man. Clearly no hope.

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