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Peter Troy is a politically aware individual with a background firmly rooted in the UK's small businesses community. He has been self employed since 1985 and is well aware of the rough and tumble of business life. Peter established this Blog site in 2004 following a six month role as the lead candidate for UKIP in Scotland in the European Parliamentary Election of June 2004.
For a number of years Peter has conducted business as a publicist specialising in raising a positive profile of individually privately owned businesses in the UK Media. He has acted for a number of non-profit organisations. Peter is a supplier of political comment, prediction, analysis to overseas media agencies and research organisations.
For ten years he was an activist and recruiter with the Federation of Small Businesses in the North East, the UK’s largest member based business organisation. For a period of 18 months Peter was contracted to Patientline UK Ltd a public company that supplies bed-side entertainment to 150 UK Hospitals. but resigned on 30 April 2007 in a direct protest at Patientline’s pricing structure and operational procedures. The Patientline issue was recently featured on BBC TV News which Peter Troy instigated.

Peter's areas of expertise are small business issues, the working of UK National and local government, the British constitution, British and European Political History, Britain’s membership of the European Union and British media issues. Peter has organised a number of high profile business and political events in recent years.

Peter regularly contributes to the North of England Press and other political journals articles of a business/political nature. He is a frequent supplier of media assistance to charities an can often be heard on BBC Radio Tees, Radio Teessdale as well as commercial radio stations. Peter has worked as a volunteer with the Prince's Trust since 2003 and is an inthuastic member of the Business referal organisation BNI.

Peter has extensive contacts in the business and political world and would be happy to be consulted on genuine research issues, on media based projects or indeed as in his specialist area as a Publicist. Contact - or call Peter directly on his business mobile, 0798 8714295.
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