Saturday, June 30

Parking Where Prohibited

On Friday in London two crude but terrifying and potentially lethal car bombs aimed at committing mass murder were found in the early hours in central London.

The first car is spotted by a paramedic in a passing ambulance, who promptly calls the police and they bravely and promtly defuse the bomb. The second car a Mercedes is spotted by a local authority parking attendent (local tax collector). Acting in the true (unthinking) traditions of his 'profession' he slaps a parking ticket on it and an hour later realising the vehicle has out stayed its welcome arranges for it to be towed (in the modern manner) to the nearby underground pound to await collection by its owner (after payment of a huge fine).

One must assume that the Courts, Police and Local Authority will not spend to much time persuing the driver for non payment rather than terrorism!

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