Saturday, June 16

The End of Week Quote

'' I am determined that we should maximize our people's potential through a greater understanding of the Manoeuvrist Approach and Mission Command, recognizing also the importance of a Comprehensive Approach within the framework of coherent campaign plans.
'' I would hope that there is nobody in the room who is not completely familiar with the tenets of the Comprehensive Approach, and yet we still struggle to implement a truly unified purpose and methodology to tackle operations. We are operating in an era in which campaigns are likely to require non-kinetic effects more often than kinetic. ''

Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff (Head of the UK Army) revealed all in a speech to the RUSI Future Land Warfare Conference on Tuesday 5 June 2007.

Clearly corporate management speak has infected the British armed forces. Parachute the General into the plains of Helmand Province to deliver that, and I am sure the Taliban would run a mile. On second thoughts, though, it would probably be banned by the Geneva Convention.

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