Monday, June 25

Patientline's Terminal Decline

This piece will be updated regularly during the day. Patientline is termanly ill and our thoughts are with the company's 11,000 staff at this time. PT Editor
Patientline's Senior Director Nick Winks was unconvincingly stating this morning on the BBC radio four programme that the company's latest £33 million loss is really not too bad, well nothing like a bit of positive thought on a wet Monday morning. As Peter Troy said on the BBC programme's email notice board : '' Patientline's failure is directly as a result of its failure to understand the needs of its customers''
It is ominous that revenue per bedside terminal per day - one of the vital signs of life for Patientline - declined by 6.4% last year to only £1.62.

We really don’t see how Patientline can get out of this mess; the comany is in terminal decline. A view supported by the stock market, where Patientline’s sickly shares slipped another 1.125p to a low of 2.375p this morning.

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