Thursday, June 28

Send for Coventry

Whilst we were all watching, hearing or reading the end of the longest good bye in British politics Courtney Coventry the ''actress'' and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner the playboy boss, who was once given a tour of Downing Street, was flown to Britain from France at public expense by the police on Tony Blair's last day as Prime Minister. When in London she made a statement to the London police about her dealings with the Labour Party leadership in relation to the long running 'cash for honours investigation'.
Whilst Mr Blair was being driven to The Palace to formally resign the Californian actress Courtney Coventry, 25, was grilled over her links to Labour’s chief fundraiser Lord Levy.
Apparently Courtney Coventry and her husband called themselves the Count and Countess of Rozel to fool party fundraisers into believing they were serious donors. Lord Levy introduced Courtney to Tony Blair and Labour’s high command at a swanky fundraising bash She and British-born husband John Coventry, 46, were invited to the glittering ball at the Hilton Hotel in London’s Park Lane in April 2004 after they pretended to be willing to make a big cash donation.

Such is an example of some of Mr Blair's legacy played out on the sidelines on his last day as Prime Minister. One can assume that one of the many of Mr Brown's changes will be an end to this sort of sleeze; then that was what Mr Blair said back in '97. Oh well, it can only get better.

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Anonymous said...

IT would seem on reading the American's website London Visit statement,that the police have lied..yet again ! This is one big cover up....