Saturday, June 2

The End of Week Quote

This weeks quote comes from a newly published book on management and leadership; it is a book with a different line than most other works on management issues:

''Hierarchy stifles originality and creates an organisation with egomaniacs at the top and slovenly, dehumanised automatons at the bottom.'' by Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith.

Authors: Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith


v. b. selbit said...

I am at the bottom, not sure I like being called a "slovenly,dehumanised automaton.

We all start somewhere, mostly at the bottom of the pile.

Its what make's us climb to the top that counts, and why we want to be there?

Who we use, what we are prepared to lose on the way up, creates the behaviour patterns of hieratchy and who they become.

Why do we allow it to happen, has a great say in the matter too.

I am happy to be at the bottom, I have my clear conscience to help me sleep at night.

What is this books Title? I would like to read it.

Peter Troy said...

End of Management by Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith

June said...

I think there is certainly an iota of truth in that statement. Just look at the NHS. When ward sisters were allowed to manage their wards they were part of the hierarchy. Over recent years they have become devolved downwards with the advent of so many higher layers of management above them.
When something goes wrong they take the flack but in reality have become dehumanised automatoms.
I know because it happened to me!