Thursday, May 31

They Both Can't Be Correct !

Two of today's tabloid newspapers the Daily Express and the Daily Mail share the same photograph of the Pope meeting the distraught (and much publicised) parents of a missing four year old girl. However in respect of the issue of House Prices in England and Wales each newspaper amazingly takes an opposite view.

What is truly amazing in fact is that both newpapers quote from the same official figures from HM Land Registry. The Daily Express tells us on its front page:

''The average home in England and Wales went up by more than £1,200 every month in the past year despite Bank of England attempts to dampen the market with hikes to the base rate. And in welcome news for home owners, experts claim that the possibility of a housing crash is becoming more and more remote.''

The Daily Mail explains on its front page that prices rises in London are seriously distorting the picture and that nationally:
''It is the first time in seven years that prices have fallen in so many areas in a single month.''

Confused? Well that is understandable! One thing is very clear the British national tabloid dead tree industry can on the same day (not for the first time) come to two apparently opposite conclusions from the same set of official figures; they both can not be correct.

With so many apparently complex mortgages now on the market as well as the Government introducing and then may be possibly withdrawing (apart from the parts that the EU insists we have to have like it or not) House Information Packs (HIPs) buying a house (and/or selling one) is now a tad confusing. Three cheers for Mortgage Brokers I say, ''Hip hip ..........''!

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