Wednesday, July 4

Sedgefield By-Election Latest

As we mentioned in the previous post the UKIP candidate for the Sedgefield by-election is businessman Toby Horton who lives near Northallerton in North Yorkshire. Mr. Horton, who contested Sedgefield against Tony Blair in 1983 as a Conservative, was for three years the chairman of William Hague's constituency. He joined UKIP last year claiming that he had not left the Conservative Party but that it had left him.

"In 1983", said Mr. Horton yesterday , "I fought against Tony Blair as a pro the European Community as at the time he was a strong Euro-sceptic. Obviously Mr. Blair and I have completely reversed our positions on Europe since then." Well this is the era of change.

Mr. Horton is a former MD of Radio Tees in Stockton and then was involved in the setting up of other radio stations in York, Huddersfield, Scarborough and Sunderland. Today he is a director of a television and audio production company and of a magazine company.The Conservative candidate is Graham Robb a Broadcaster and Publicist who was once given a job my Toby Horton in local radio. Apparently Conservatives were not very happy to hear of Toby's decision to stand.

As for the Labour Candidate and the front runner to win the seat on the 19 th the 600 strong Sedgefield Labour Party last night selected Phil Wilson. who runs a public relations company in the Constituency and is a former Labour aide who has apparently so we are told built up a strong local profile.

As for the Lib-Dems well they are, as one would expect, still selecting a candidate. Nominations close at 4 pm on Friday.

This Blogg will, as our readers would indeed expect, keep reader up to date on the details of the by-election.


June said...

So what about you Peter, will you be standing?

Anonymous said...

Of course he won't be standing June, He's far too well known around Sedgefield. No one there would vote for him.

June said...

Interesting comment anonymous!

Peter Troy said...

A Profit is rarely recognised in his own land!

Not that your point has any validity Mrs Anoymous I just could not resit the retort. When I criticize people I have a policy of identifying myself, it is after all polite to do so.

June said...

What's the news then Peter?

June said...

OK then Peter, Just ignore me!

Anonymous said...

Thats typical June, He avoids questions just like an MP but loves to criticise .
However he cant take criticism himself as you will have noted.

Peter Troy said...

Clearly the frequent self deprecating humour that I try to cultivate on this Blog is lost on Mrs Anonymous.

As for myself standing no I am not. I am surprised and flattered that some thought that I might be. An acquaintance of mine Toby Horton a fellow defector from the Tory Party is flying the UKIP flag will give all the other candidates a very good run for their money.