Saturday, July 7

The End of Week Quote

This weeks End of Week Quote is from Peter Tatchell of The Guardian.
''Better still, the Portuguese government could lure Mugabe into a trap. It could invite him to December's European-African summit and, when he arrives in Lisbon, arrest him on charges of torture. There is no point in Portugal having human rights laws if it is not prepared to enforce them.''
An unlikely scenario but it is good to have someone suggesting it, read the full piece in his Guardian blog posting:

PS Editor's comment: Mugabe's disgraceful rule has been continued in large part due to the failure of British and Commonwealth Policy over many years. The situation in Zimbabwe is appalling and has been for a number of years. There is now an over whelming need for Mugabe's rule to be ended. If the only method to achieve this is by Military force then so be it.

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