Friday, July 20

Sedgfield By-Election Result

Phil Wilson (Lab) 12,528
Greg Stone (LD) 5,572
Graham Robb (C) 4,082
Andrew Spence (BNP) 2,494
Paul Gittins (Ind) 1,885
Toby Horton (UKIP) 536
Chris Haine (Green) 348
Stephen Gash (Eng Dem) 177
Tim Grainger (Ch P) 17
Alan "Howling Laud" Hope (Loony) 147
Norman Scarth (Anti-Crime) 34

Lab maj 6,956

11.06% swing Lab to Lib Dem


Anonymous said...

BNP 2494
UKIP 536

Peter Troy said...

say Please !

Anonymous said...

Explain please

Peter Troy said...

Well clearly there are more people in Sedgefield who were prepared to vote for the extreme BNP rather than the moderate UKIP. There is a considerable difference between the two Parties despite the ramblings of the left of centre press.

A factor in Sedgefield is that the BNP candidate, Andrew Spence is a notably good performer; with a well established profile in the North East. He was one of the leaders of the Peoples Fuel Lobby protests back in 2000 - his profile was boosted by the Chanel 4 documentary 'A very British Revolution' . I was Spence's Campaign Manager (along with three other constituencies) during the 2001 General Election when he stood as the UKIP candidate.

One could conclude that UKIP's message needs to be better explained!

Some background info: