Sunday, July 22

Down Came the Rain (Again)

Huge downpours have effected tens of thousands of people particularly in Worcester and Gloustershire. The largest rescue airlift ever undertaken in Britain is underway this week-end. RAF Sea Kings and Sikorskys were flying repeated sorties, with 52 missions in the Gloucester are alone.
In the ancient market town of Evesham, many hundreds of businesses have been badly effected in the worst floods in its long history.

Below is a copy of a letter sent today to the Evesham Gazette:

During the early 1980's I worked in Evesham and I retain very fond memories of the historic and beautiful town; which I revisit as often as I can. Through the columns of this newspaper I offer my sympathies to all those who will have suffered damage to their businesses, homes and other property from the effects of the horrendous floods.

Knowing the people of Evesham I have no doubt that they will remain cheerful and soon return to normal.

Peter Troy
Chairman Evesham Chamber of Commerce 1981-83

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