Saturday, July 7

From The Editor's 'Back Yard'

On Friday along with some 50,000 or so other voters in the Parliamentary Constituency of Sedgefield I received a letter from my former MP, one Tony Blair.

'Dear Friends' it starts, blooming cheek but typical of Blair's attempts at informality.

The final paragraph of his cheesy farewell letter thanked me ''for all that I have given him over the past 24 years''. Well over the past 4 years I have given Mr Blair a number of letters. Some were posted, some faxed, others were emailed to the Right Honourable Gentleman on a range of local, national and international issues. In reply I received a number of standard letters from Secretaries telling me that my communications would be shown to Mr Blair when he was next in the constituency. Whether Tony Blair was in fact ever shown my letter or whether he chose to ignore my points and questions (some people do) I do not know. I never heard another word.

I have replied to Mr Blair's letter, care of my Secretary, thanking him for his communication and informing him that I shall reply to his successor about a range of outstanding local issues in the fullness of time. Whatever the result of the Sedgefield by-election in 10 days time Sedgefield will gain an MP; that will be no bad thing.

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Sarah Hopperty said...

I spy storm clouds over the Editor's Back Yard in Sedgefield!