Sunday, July 8

Tea Time With Troy

From the Editor's Tea Table

At a gathering of Business people not so long ago it was commented on that I was ''always going on about the EU''. Well, I was delighted that I was being listened to, if only in part.

The EU has a profound effect on all businesses particularly smaller ones, as indeed I have stated unashamedly many times. Take one fact, from 20th to the 30th June the EU has passed 109 laws that will impact on the UK. All of them in one way or an other will effect the process of business.

The EU has announced more plans, particularly in the field of taxation. The EU is trying to tax Britain's postal services, this will increase costs. The EU is planning to codify its rules which compel the British tax authorities to collect taxes in Britain for other member-states. Furthermore, EU proposals want personal financial information to be shared with other member-states. The EU is also seeking to limit the UK's ability to reduce price of vehicle fuel by increasing the minimum excise on petrol and diesel.
The European Union is also intending to take control over corporation tax and is standardising taxes by stealth, which despite statements to the country from Brussels includes the eventual intended abolition of Zero VAT rating (VAT is an EU inspired tax) on Children's Cloths, Food, Books, Newspapers and Medication.

QED, what is decided in the EU effects all of us. The Institutions of the EU are a part of our government in the UK. Therefore I shall carry on going on about the EU - it matters. Unfortunately whilst we remain members there is not a lot we can do about any of it but it is important that people particularly business people know how we are governed.

Flash back, Tea time with Troy on board HMS Trincomalee, 20th September 2005.
Graphics courtesy of Donald Davison, Radio Hartlepool.


Sarah Hopperty said...

Was it Darjeeling or Earl Grey, Peter ?

Peter Troy said...

Yorkshire actually!