Saturday, July 21

Troubled Tories

Well, today's newpapers are not being very kind, understandably, about David Cameron's Conservative Party. Even the Tory-leaning Daily Telegraph is unable to put much gloss on the debacle with the House pundit, Anthony King, serving up a gloomy prognosis under the headline, "By-elections show Tories lack public confidence".
Columnist Simon Heffer – predictably – takes a more robust line, his analysis sporting the headline, "Ealing tragedy threatens Project Dave".
The editorial leader offers little cheer, telling its readers, "The Conservatives need to stop digging", observing, rather mildly, that David Cameron has not succeeded in engineering any "mood-swing" in the Tories' favour so far.
Our old friend Peter Hitchin, of the Daily Mail, who puts the boot in (rightly so) to Mr Cameron.

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