Thursday, July 12

Our Listening and Changing Government

Our New Prime Minister Gordon Brown, yesterday introduced a change by driving a common cart and horse through the 150-year-old tradition where the annual legislative programme is revealed only by the Monarch in a speech to parliament on the formal occasion of the annual opening of Parliament.
Her Majesty arrives at The Palace of Westminster in the Royal State Coach for the State Opening which takes place in November on the first day of the new parliamentary session. The Queen's Speech is delivered by the Queen from the Throne in the House of Lords.
When revealing the contents of the next round of legislation Gordon 'Change' Brown told MPs that his was a "listening government", outlining a detailed list of proposed legislation and promising to consult Parliament and the public before implementing "his" measures – many of which in fact stem from Brussels diktats which can not be changed regardless of any consultation; a fact that many remain unaware of.

Interestingly, Mr Brown made provision "for region-by-region deliberation and responses", these being Euro-regions, of course. No doubt representatives of the business community and others will be consulted under the management of the regional development authorities as well as the government offices in the 'regions'.

Rest assured we on this Blog will monitor the actuality of the consultation process which serves no other process than to give a reassuring impression of 'listening''. Watch this space over the coming months for the detail of the essential truth of how we are governed.


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