Sunday, April 24

The Conservative Manifesto

The Tory Party Manifesto issued in the early hour of Monday morning is a relatively modest document, heavy on graphics and thin on content.

As regard policy on the European Union, the offering is as follows:
Conservatives support the cause of reform in Europe and we will co-operate with all those who wish to see the EU evolve in a more flexible, liberal and decentralised direction.We oppose the EU Constitution and would give the British people the chance to reject its provisions in a referendum within six months of the General Election.
We also oppose giving up the valuable freedom which control of our own currency gives us. We will not join the Euro.In a reformed Europe, the restrictive employment laws of the Social Chapter will have to give way to more flexible working.
We will ensure that Britain once again leads the fight for a deregulated Europe by negotiating the restoration of our opt-out from the Social Chapter.
The common policies on agriculture and fisheries are unsustainable, damaging to free trade and conservation, and waste huge sums of money. The CAP needs further and deeper reform.

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