Sunday, April 17

Scottish Wind

Alex Fergiussion MSP, Tory spokesman for forestry and agriculture, recently called for a moratorium on wind farms until such a time as the Scottish Executive devises a properly co-ordinated strategy.

His comments on the subject were: ''I am not surprised that three-quarters of those surveyed are not anti-wind farm. The reason for that is that they will never have to live near one.''

Well now as it turns out villagers in Barr close to Mr Furgueson's farmland will soon have to live next to a wind farm.

Fergusson is to earn £250,000 by siting the biggest wind farm in Britain on his land. The MSP received a one-off payment of £27,000 in December and will receive a guaranteed minimum of £ 210,000 from Scottish and Southern Energy over the next 25 years.

That sounds like a very sound hypocracy.

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