Wednesday, April 27

Letter to the BBC

Below is a letter sent from a Sedgefield Constituent (not me) to the BBC Radio 4 today programme.

Please, as you are in a better position than I, ask my MP why I and the other voters in Sedgefield should vote to be without in effect Member of Parliament for another 4/5 years.
You might like to ask him how many Surgeries he has held in the constituency since 1997; how many open meetings he has held in the constituency; in fact how may times has he been in the constituency since 1997. When he does deem to grace the area with his presence only his Agent and loyal sycophants are in attendance. Constituents with problems and queries are pointed in the direction of his Agent. When was he elected?

I am of the opinion that Tony Blair is a prime example of why a Prime Minister should resign as a constituency MP for the whichever constituency he/she was elected for and to be given the title of MP for say Whitehall or Downing Street for the duration of his occupation of No.10. Should he/she be ousted from the position of PM he could still remain in the House as an MP for the duration of the Parliament or either fight a By-election or decided to take a seat in the Lords.

I have been involved in politics since before I could vote and this is the first election I have not actively been involved for either the Conservative, Referendum Party, or UKIP. Will I vote, yes, who for, for the first time in adult life and can truly say I don't know but certainly not Tony Blair.
Yours faithfully,
Seething of Sedgefield

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