Sunday, April 17

From the Farm

If any one is wondering why so little attempt is being made so far to win the votes of farmers it is probably because there are no longer any left to vote.

An estimated 50,000 or more than a third of all farmers have gone out of business since the year 2000.

The last general election conceded with the end of the FMD crises, perhaps the greatest act of maladministration by any British Government in modern times. The cost, some 8 billion GBP devastated the rural community. As any proper public inquiry would have found - which is why the Prime Minister refused to bow to public pressure and authorise one.

The ''pre-emotive cull '' of more than eight million healthy animals was ordered by ministers in clear breach of the criminal law. This was implicitly admitted when, in 2002, they shamefacedly sneaked in a new animal health act to give the government powers to kill any animal they which they had falsely pretended to posses in 2001.

The Foot and Mouth debacle is the most glaring debacle and example of how Labour's ministers have routinely, blustered, bullied and abused their powers in tyrannising the farming community.

As for the Conservative Party, their inability to make political capital out of Labour's mismanagement of rural issues is a symptom of their terminal decline.

The Lib Dems, of course, think that green Wellingtons are a fashion accessory, whilst the Green party are trying to save them, because they are green.

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