Saturday, April 23

The Lion Must Roar Again

I have received a number of emails today commenting on the large number of English flags that have been sighted in our city's, towns and many rural locations. As one lady asked does this mean that ''the lion is now roaring'' ?

The answer is when the lion roars it is fed EU meat to keep it quiet.
If as a nation we are ever again to roar effectively we must first learn to be more disobedient.
We should start by all complaining about the EU flag on our driving documents. I did some time ago when I returned mine to the Secretary of State requesting one with my nation's flag on. Needles to say all I got was a routine reply from a very uncivil servant. To cut a long storey short I deliberately drive without possessing a driving document. I now explain to any Police office that needs to see it that my licence that the number of my driving document is ....... but I returned the actual document to the Sec of State three times because etc. I encourage most people I meet socially to do the same. Why should we as British Subjects bare the symbol of the occupying authority on our driving permits ?
Also the current price of fuel in the UK is now is the highest in the western world. Some 90 pence per litre or £ 4.00 a gallon. 75% of which is Tax. The UK government can't reduce the amount of fuel duty ( despite how much we protest) because of our membership of the EU. A point we should all make every time will fill up our vehicles I frequently ask what is the actual cost of fuel less tax when I pay at fuel stations.

When the peoples fuel lobby recommence their protests (after 5 years absence) on 3 May - I will be there with them protesting.
We really must be less compliant and more disobedient. As a nation we have never liked being 'pushed around' yet for some reason we are far to compliant with government systems and silly rules that we don't need nor want which are imposed upon us without any true democratic accountability. So on St George's day lets start to think in terms of some very English effective protests, before it is too late.
With complements to my Scottish friends, who protest with style.


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