Saturday, April 23

To Say No We Need a Qui

I have been an opponent of the European Union (EU) since in was formed. However, despite my total opposition to the EU Constitution I hope that the French People vote to support the constitution in their Referendum on 29 May. I also hope the Dutch do the same 10 days later.

The reason being that a Yes vote on the continent would actually be better for the cause of the UK's withdrawal from the all embracing and controlling EU.

If the French and Dutch do vote No that will let Tony Blair off the hook, since apparently the EU constitution will then be dead in the water. In that event there will not be a Referendum on the EU constitution in this country (as Tony Blair promised in Parliament last year). Subsequently, as with the way with all matters EU, the centralisation of Europe will continue, directed by the EU Council by means of future Inter Governmental Conferences at which the people of Britain will have no voice.

Curiously in order to oppose the advance of EU control in our country it is needed for the French to support it - which they are unlikely to do since they believe that the EU Constitution is a British plot. Politics is a funny old world.

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