Monday, April 18

Less Government ?

Whatever the outcome of the general election on 5 May there will be (thank goodness) less civil and public servants. Well, that is if the manifestos from the three main political parties are to be believed.

Labour promises to implement savings in the Gershap review and thus cut more than 80,000 civil servant jobs and save £ 21 bn.

The Conservative Party plans to spend £ 12 billion less (more if one believes Howard Flight) by 2007-08 by abolishing 150 public bodies and scrap 'New Deal'.

The Lib Dems intend to Scrap the Department of Trade and Industry in order to save £ 8.2 bn in five years as well as savings in other government departments.

If we are to take all this at face value then there will be less public sector jobs, less government and less interference. I have no doubt that who ever is in power in Westminster on 6 May a department of Administrative Affairs will be instantly created to implement any one of these 'cuts'.

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