Sunday, April 3

A Very British Election

The Prime Minister is set to announce tomorrow the date of the general election. The Sunday Times today reports some last minute tensions with Buckingham Palace over the timing of the announcement.

Originally Blair had wanted to make the announcement on Tuesday, with Parliament sitting to Friday - the day of the royal wedding - but the palace said that it wanted the wedding to be ''apolitical''. Having Parliament sitting on Friday could spoil the 'big day'.

There would also be the added embarrassment of MP's debating on Friday, the Succession to the Crown Bill which, would allow female members of the royal family the same rights as the males.

Bringing forward the announcement to Monday is the only way of saving 15 bills, including, the Budget-enacting Finance Bill and flagship measures on education, drugs and gambling before Parliamentary business finishes on Thursday night.
Cleary the death of the Pope late on Saturday will not be good news for the Labour Party's highly 'orchestrated' campaign. The media will for the next three weeks be consentrating on who, following the time honoured 'white smoke', will be next to be anointed as God's Representative on Earth. My understanding of Papal systems is that the Vicar of Albion or indeed Dibley will not be concidered.
As for my prediction for the next occupant of the Papel Throne the editor of this blog will lay a bet on Cardinal Frances Arinze from Nigeria (11-4 at all good bookies). Closer to home the Vicar Albion will be back in No 10 - all be it with a very reduced majority, say 60-70 (odds on at most bookies).
Regarding the big race next Saturday at Aintree, I fancy the lady jocky riding Forest Gunner to be first past the post and into the record books. Perhaps a round robin is in order (odds upon request at some bokkies,maybe).
This blog will provide daily comment, reaction and summary of this very British of General Elections. Comments on the comments are indeed incouraged, Ed.

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Alistair said...

I think the election will be on June 9th. If is was on May 5th, it would be under 4 years since the last one, which I am told has pension implications for the retiring Labour MPs. 4 years and a day, though, would be fine, in which case the first available day (4 years and 2 days) would be June 9th.