Friday, April 29

''UKIP seats within reach'' - Knapman

''UKIP seats within reach'' - says UKIP leader Roger Knapman

Mr Knapman says the main parties are keeping quiet on EuropeThe UK Independence Party is doing "exceptionally well" in its 21 target seats and is on course to see its first MPs, leader Roger Knapman has said.
He said he would not be surprised to see several seats, including Totnes and Thanet South, fall to UKIP on 5 May.

The three main parties had kept quiet about Europe because they were "ashamed of their record of sell-out", he said.

The main parties say leaving the EU would cost the British economy countless jobs and valuable trade.
I wouldn't be at all surprised to have the first UKIP MPs in a few days' time

UKIP had its best election result in last year's European polls, pushing the Liberal Democrats into fourth place on the national share of the vote.
Mr Knapman said the party was targeting the 21 seats where it came first in those elections and was making "good progress".
"We are very encouraged by local polls in those seats, showing in some of them we are in strong contention," he said.
"I wouldn't be at all surprised to have the first UKIP MPs in a few days' time."
Following reports a referendum on the EU Constitution might not be held in Britain if the French vote "no" on 29 May, Mr Knapman said the general election might be the last chance voters had to make their views known.

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Peter Troy (editor of this blog) was the lead candidate for UKIP at last years 'Euro' Elections for Scotland.

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