Friday, January 6

The end of week quote

This week's Salvation Army publication, The War Cry contains a sad little letter from a lady who wrote following the death of her son from the ''highly addictive drug alcohol'', Joyce Wood writes:
'' doesn't matter how gifted, how able, how attractive, how rich, how famous a person is - alcohol can rip it all away.''
A point that at least one British politician will be dwelling on this week-end.
On the same page Jeremy Paxman ('Paxo' - the BBC Newsnight presenter) admits that next Wednesday in the BBC's programme 'Who do you think you are' his past will be linked with the Salvation Army. In an interview with a Salvation Army Officer the thrusting political intervewer is told that the the Salvationists are '' very glad that there is a little bit of Salvation Army in your blood.'' Paxman retorts: ''I am afraid that it is a little bit diluted with beer these days ''.

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