Friday, January 13

600 not out!

This is the 600th posting on this blog. We have covered subjects as diverse as fishing policy and football, G8 and G4, defence policy and disabled flying, policing and party conferences.
As we continue to grow, we'd like to take a minute to welcome our many new readers, who have joined us in the past week or so. It's great to have you along - click on the comments button and tell us what you think. We may not agree with you (Peter almost certainly won't!) but we still value your comments.


Sarah Hopperty said...

Oh that 's a bit sharp Sarah. There must be something that Peter whould agree with without having to make a disparaging , pedantic or belligerant comment.

Sarah-Jane Hollands, sub-editor said...

Clearly Ma'am, you have never been on the receiving end of one of Peter's disparaging, pedantic or belligerant comments!
We wouldn't want him any other way, which is just as well, as Mr Troy is the embodiement of 'WHYSIWYG' - what you see is what you get!

Peter Troy said...

Disparaging, pedantic and (not or)belligerant comments, please.

Kelly said...

I think that Sarah-jane Hollands got it spot on but Peter is also correct lol it is AND and not OR as far as the comments are concerned. But isn't that the reason that we come to this blog? For those comments that get our little gray cells snapping!? I know it is for me. Thanks Peter and Sarah. and Congratulations on your 600th.

Peter Troy said...

We aim to be quite revolting with our next 600 posts !