Saturday, January 14

Taxing times

This way for the hand-cuffs Mr Prescott and no punching please.

It would appear that Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, above, has had to apologise about unpaid Council tax on his official apartment in Admiralty Arch, Westminster. Apparently, the tax had gone unpaid for somewhere in the region of seven years. Since the non-payment had been brought to light, £3,800 had been paid "in error" from the public purse, when the bill should have been footed by Prescott personally. The money has since been re-paid. A further sum of around £6,000 remains outstanding.
It is particularly embarrassing as John Prescott heads the Government department responsible for overseeing Council tax nationally.
The phrase "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" springs to mind. Also, as a pensioner was recently jailed for refusing to pay only part of his Council Tax, one wonders if Prescott should be acquainting himself with the taste of porridge, just in case!

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Kelly said...

Don't feel too bad! There were (and maybe still are) member of the House of Representatives and Senate who bounced checks for years in Washington D.C. When this was discovered it was an "oversight" on the part of the politicians. They were given time to cover these bounced checks and not one was brought up on charges for bad checks or passing bad paper. They weren't even prosecuted for fraud.

HOWEVER, if the average person were to be found to have written checks in these same amounts and passed them on, well, they would be found guilty of a "white collar crime" and be in prison. They would lose their houses, their credit ratings, probably their jobs and family also. The least that happens is that they have to pay huge fines for writing those same bad checks.

I guess this is just harking back to the days of yore when bills were settled at the death of the person who incurred the debt. AS for me lol well i am poor so I don't worry about debts too much. I worry more about being able to buy food, pay my utilities and keep a roof over my families head. Paying my taxes so that the tax man doesn't come and take what I have.