Sunday, January 15

Thought for the day

"Leaders who believe they can create peace for themselves by creating war for others are mistaken."
That is a comment from President Ahmadinejad, of Iran, which as well as being one of the most oppressive nations on earth, has recently clearly become one of the most dangerous. Whilst the British media focusses their attack on the latest political target, Ruth Kelly (Secetary of State for Education) the growing crisis in the Middle East deepens. We may only be weeks away from nuclear Armageddon, but who in the British media cares?
More on Iran to follow; hopefully before it is too late !


Anonymous said...

Hmm. "Weeks away from nuclear armageddon." Even the worst scare-mongers can't see Iran having deliverable atomic weapons inside five years. Of course, plenty on the right continue to support "pre-emptive" wars against states they don't like. And they usually justify them by fabricating scare stories about these states' nuclear, biological or chemical arsenals. I guess, on my first visit here, I know which category to put you in...

Peter Troy said...

The category that we are in is commenting on issues that are of concern to followers of British Politics. Iran is governed by one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. The reality of the issue is not currently at the top of the British news media at this time --- but it soon will be. Reccomend a close reading of :

Kelly said...

Okay, I agree that sometimes it does SEEM like scare tactics. But anonymous, 5 years? did you get your figures from the same sources that said North Korea didn't have the same capability? Or maybe you got your figures from the same source that said the United States would be totally metric by the milleneum. Still not totally metric!

The media tells the public what will sell the best. If they feel it is war then that is what is reported. If they think it is crime, or drugs then those items get the headlines and the lead stories. We need to be responsible and smart enough to read and watch on a larger scale and from a larger source to gain information.

These days it doesn't take a large arsenal. It just takes a lot of knowledge and the right location. That is what makes things these days so dangerous. We, the people, never know what might happen but it seems to be happening right in our own yards or gardens. And if not in our own neighbourhoods, then near enough for me.

As a mother of sons old enough to join a fight or go off to war, this is not a situation on any continent that I am happy to see.