Monday, January 9

Menzies' mob

There is some debate on the BBC News website as to how supporters of Menzies (pronounced Mingus) Campbell, above, widely tipped to be the next Lib-Dem Leader, should be known.
May we boldly suggest Mingers? It's a case of stating the obvious, politically incorrect and offensive - yet somehow appropriate for the Lib-Dems.


Anonymous said...

As a Lib-dem, I wasn't at all offended by your use of "Mingers" so another couple of fingers to the PC brigade this time.
I'd also considered "the Ming Dynasty" or "Ming's Clan" Perhaps there might be other suggestions from your followers. (Troylites?)

Peter Troy said...

The 14th century verb ''to ming''which ment to mix or to mingle ingredients - was particularly used to smear on sheep to keepaway ticks and lice. The mixture was a concoction of tar and lice which clearly 'ponged' after a few weeks on sweaty sheep.

The Scots up to the turn of the last century used the term ''ming'' to mean human excrement. Crap replaced ming in that context after the First World War - to which we must thank the Canadian soldiers. Anyway that is an other story.

So whether Lib-Dems are left or right will pale into insignificance compaired to the attention the British popular press will devote to the pronunciation of Sir Mnzies Campbell's name !