Sunday, July 16

Alternative use of Guantanamo Bay

Much has been written about the 'NatWest Three', Guantanamo Bay and Labour's Lord Cashpoint (Lord Levy).
Since the US Government is bowing to international 'human rights' pressure and releasing the detainees an alternative use of the facilities at Guantanamo could be the mass detention of British Bankers.
Clearly, as many British Business people (particularly small busines owners) would agree, British banking charges and practice is an act of mass distruction; one which ruthlesly targets the British entrepreneural culture.
As for Lord Levy, Tony Blair's close friend the cartoon below says it all.


Stewed Cabbage said...

Yes well commented Peter. British Bankers only last week showed how they have appalling double standards.

Russian Leader, President Putin, took some time off from his official duties as host to the G8 summit to offer the UK shares in in Roseneft, his country's state owned oil company. The Russian government had no trouble at all about raising the £5 billion in 'the City.'

Amazing since Barclays was caught on the wrong foot eight years ago and had to write off £250 million.

Barclay's justified their action by saying that was then and this is now.

Well that is all very well but that is not a policy the bank (or any UK bank)applies to UK British business people.

Double standards indeed !

Gosh, I had better stop I am begining to sound like Mr Troy !

Kelly said...

You say that like it is a bad thing! lol

There are worse things than sounding like Mr. Troy.