Saturday, July 8

Tory confussion

Shadow Europe minister Graham Brady MP who has, as far as we can asertain, not previously made any noteable comment on his brief (in public anyway) yesterday said that the UK could not remain a member if the EU continued to block free trade with other countries.

He told a Westminster seminar: “Can Britain remain in an EU that is pulling up the drawbridge? No we can’t'' !
Well, the UK has been part of the EU for over 30 years, during which time free trade with other countries, particularly developing ones, has been blocked pretty consistently.
Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, in complete contradicion has pledged to put Britain at the heart of Europe.
The wrangle comes as EU chief Jose Manuel Barroso warned Chancellor Gordon Brown to toe the Brussels line when he becomes PM. Who recently said: “You can’t go to a beef-eaters club and say you are vegetarian.” Labour dismissed Mr Brady as a “tinpot dictator”.
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