Saturday, July 1

'Wot' no football

From the editor's keyboard

I have received many comments from readers complaining about the lack of comment on the Football World Cup. Well actually there has not been a lack of comment, there has been no comment.

The reason ? Well I could offer the explanation that to do so would upset Her Majesty's Subjects in Scotland (where I have many friends) or Wales or indeed Northern Ireland but that would be an excuse not a reason.

The true reason is that I am of the firm and unshiftable position that professional footballers are over paid, over reported, over exposed, primadonnas, who are (with only a few exceptions) moronic contributors to a tribal culture.

In order to placate our growing number of regular readers I publish below a photograph taken in 1979. I am the youthful fit 25 year old second on the left. The five a-side game (the fifth team member took the photograph) held near Birmingham and was one of a series in a tournament - I have no recollection of the result either now or then. I assume the team I was 'playing' for lost since I was not 'bullied' into playing again.


Anonymous said...

Peter, two things.
Firstly, please keep this as a football free blog. I've had to stop reading some other blogs for the duration because they've become bogged down with the world cup.
Secondly, thanks for the photo. I will print it out and will be able to use it to keep small children away from the fireplace.

Peter Troy said...

Never worry about your first comment.Glad to be of service regarding the second.

Kelly said...

Nice knees.