Saturday, July 22

''Preacher of Hate''

Yesterday's Evening Standard, publishes a large spread about Hanan Fostok demanding that the RAF or the Royal Navy (she is not fussy) bring out her husband, Omar Bakri, from Lebanon.
So who is Omar Bakri. Well he is the one and only “preacher of hate” who has left this country, not because he was deported as the government and the Home Office kept huffing and puffing about, but because he was scared and he ran. He ran all the way to Lebanon, where he was arrested but, later released.
Bakri was born in Syria and is wanted by the government of that country for plotting the government’s overthrow in 1970. Bakri must now be worried about all sorts of things – Israeli bombs, Israeli soldiers, Lebanese enemies and, last but very much not least, another Syrian invasion.
The man was given asylum here and both he and his family lived entirely on benefits. In fact, his family still does so. He had no job while he was here in the UK for many years. So what did he do with his time? As the leader article in the Standard puts it quite fairly:
“This is the man who blamed the British people for the terrorist outrages of 7 July last year, claiming that murderous attacks on innocent civilians were a justified response to an elected government’s foreign policy. He also praised the hijackers who inflicted the carnage of 9/11. As spiritual leader of the extremist Al-Muhajiroun group he was responsible for stirring up hatred and disseminating lies with the power to spur on young men to commit further terrorist acts.”
Bakri, in short, is one of the exponents of the most violent and extreme Islamism. Just the chap our glorious armed service men should be risking their lives to save.
The self-righteous whinge by Mrs Bakri (apparently, according to the Evening Standard, people treat her and her family as that of a terrorist) should not be given space in the British media.
Bakri and his brand of extremism should not be allowed to cross our shores again, least of all be rescued by Her Majesty's forces.


Kelly said...

Okay just to make sure that I have this correct. Omar Bakri, who is not welcome in his own country for plotting that countries overthrown sought and gain asylum in the UK. Once there he and his family have never worked but live on government assistance, while at the same time speaking out against said government that is allowing him to not only exist but to thrive. He voluntarily left the UK for Lebanon due to his fears. NOW, his wife wants you to bring him back to the UK because it isn't safe for him in Lebanon given the escalated "unrest" in that area. In my opinion, let him stay right where he is and if his family want him back that badly let them go get him.

This is a man who has spoken out not only against the government under which his home country was ruled but also against the country that granted him aslum. He actively convinced others to risk their lives for his cause and claims that those who kill innocents for their cause are just (9-11 in the US and 7-7 in England). I don't understand that thinking. For me it just doesn't make sense of any kind. At the same time, I feel justified in taking action against those in defense who would attack me and my country. I know that it escalates but I also know that those men and women in our militaries are fighting to protect their families and homes and countries from just such attacks. Maybe it is a simplistic way of looking at things but if someone was breaking into my home i would think the same thing and just recently havehad to do so.

Don't send your men and women after this radical. Unless, you want to have them die for him and his ideals. As for his wife and family,well, I don't wish bad things on anyone but they shouldn't expect people they profess to hate to come to their defense. I know that is harsh and that these feelings might come back to haunt me but right now, today, that is just how i feel.

lady from middlesex said...

l agree with what u have to say kelly 100% and if he was under threat here how come he left his family and children here to shall l say it live of our welfare

Kelly said...

Thanks Lady from middlesex. and who knows maybe he came under threat of his wife and children and that is why he lef them here and why she wants him back. lol to take care of him herself. lol just a thought

Roger Thornhill said...

Some people need to realise that the likes of Omar Bakri consider all those in the UK as not being "innocent". He also considers us as people who can be lied to systematically to achieve his ends. Of course this includes lying to get welfare and a Motability car (oh, he has a bad ankle - better lose some weight then!). The more he gets the more he demands and the more he laughs at our stupidity for providing it.

Muslim "scholars" are meant to be funded by their congregations. Therefore I do not see how a Muslim scholar should be supported by the taxpayer, especially as they are, by their very "profession", not available for work.

As already suggested he should be reunited with his Lebanon.