Monday, July 10

New party

Reg Keys and Tony Blair at the Sedgefield decleration last year.

Later this month a new political party will be launched in Britain. The Spectre party is to be formed by the relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq.

The party - which has the potential to split the Labour vote in marginal constituencies - is the brainchild of the fathers of three Royal Military Policemen whoes sons were among six killed by an Iraqi mob three years ago.

The new party plans to fight the seats of all 83 Government Ministers at the next general election. At the last general election Reg Keys, one of the founding members, achieved 10 per cent of the vote (over 4,000 votes) in Tony Blair's back yard ( the constituency of Sedgefield).
Whilst there is clearly a national trend towards support for small parties and granted the Spectre party will appeal to the 'emotional vote' it is unlikly to become a major political force. Though it is possible to rip into the traditional Labour strongholds and take vital votes from Labours key politicians, which is exactly the aim of the founding fathers!
One to watch, perhaps.

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