Friday, July 21

View from the deckchair

Lord (Cash Point) Levey the Prime Minister's confidant has been arrested, the Deputy Prime Minister is under yet more scrutiny, the Home Office is in a mess over Police Force Mergers and Identity Cards, foreign convicts are roaming the streets when they should have been deported yet, British Subjects are deported for alleged crimes committed here, the management of the NHS in such a muddle that it is sacking medics yet hiring large numbers of expensive management consultants, British armed forces seriously continue to be badly equipped for the vital work they need to do, the country is running out of water and electricity and we are now paying more in taxes than we have ever done.
The argument that it can only get better does not stack up when one looks at the performance of David Cameron's 'not the conservative party' masquerading as the official opposition or indeed the LibDem's waffling approach.
Such is the state of our Nation. Never mind we can still smile, it is glouriously hot, there is a plentiful supply of ice cream, warm real ale in the nations public houses, plenty of cricket to watch, foreign tourists are spending well in our shops whilst enjoying our unique very British heritage and soon our politicians will be going on their annual holidays.


Sarah Hopperty said...

Sounds all very British

Anonymous said...

Oh so lovely and very British say I

Kelly said...

sounds like the status quo is being met! Just wish i was there to enjoy it all.