Thursday, July 27

Break in Transmission - Sorry No Music

Owing to circumstances beyond our control (knackered PC) postings on this Blog will be erratic for the next few days.
The standby facility, the ancient laptop has missing symbols on the keyboard the use of which requires the skills of a Second World War Enigma operater.
Normal 'transmission' will resume as soon as possible.


Stewed Cabage said...

Should we call in Bletchley Park?

lady from middlesex said...

oh dear what a shame what will do without our fav blog and of course peters famous sence of humour and of course up to the minute news affairs from a different angle
well good luck getting back on asap
you'll be missed for the time being your not on

Peter Troy said...

Fear not I shall be back to normal on Saturay. The attepted sabatage has failed !

Sarah Hopperty said...

Is m not availabailable on your lap top Mr Troy

Peter Troy said...

Yes it is Miss Hopperty - but it is not easy foe ne to locate on this laptop !

Nay be by rorrow I will be back to