Saturday, July 15

Over the top

Sir Clive Sinclaire a very British inventor has invented yet another 'revolutionary' conveyance, a bike that can 'fit into a briefcase' .
The lightweight folding bike will according to the inventor revolutionise commuter travel.

The man who brought the Sinclair C5 pedal and battery-powered buggy is planning to market his new bike this summer, priced at about £200.

Called the A-bike — because it looks like a letter A when unfolded —Sir Clive Sinclair’s new invention has taken him nearly 20 years to develop and bring to production.
A review of Sir Clive's intrepid design published in the London Evening Standard commented ''It will change the way people see bikes''.
Well with its tiny wheels, sensitive breaks and high centre of gravity, the view must mean upside down, with the rider over the handlebars!


Sarah Hoperty said...

Mr Cabage, really. This is a very British site. The correct term is nipples over bottom.

Speaking of which has anyone seen or heard from our esteemed editor since his visit to The Palace for tea with HRH ? If not is one to assume that he has been carted of to HM Tower?

One can, perhaps be excused for wondering if the institution of the monarchy or indeed Mr Troy has survived the encounter.

Michael Crumpton said...

Re: stability of A-bike. It seems to me that the stability is essentially identical to the razor scooter, except the A-bike has somewhat larger wheels and a longer wheelbase. If stability is the issue and the Razor is the comparison, then the A-bike should sell millions. My reservation about the A-bike is the price. If it were closer to 200 usd then I think it could do very well, but at it's current price I think it might be doomed to be a niche product.