Sunday, July 3

Carry on Quango

Despite last year's decisive NO vote in the North East to the Government's plans for an Elected Regional Assembly the leaders of the unelected regional assembly, formed four years ago, are planning to turn their organisation into a limited Company to protect members of the assembly from legal action.

The move which is clearly designed to avoid unwanted public scrutiny will also involve the appointment of a director on a £70,000 a year salary commencing next January.

The unelected assembly which has no clear legal, nor constitutional status, provides no obvious added value to the North East, yet it continues as a monument to New Labours failed regional plans in arrogant defiance of the rejection of John Prescotts regionalisation plans. The referendum last Autumn was clear, the North East did not want an elected regional assembly so what do the people and businesses of the North East get? An imposed costly unelected assembly which only the keenest of New Labour supporters support.

Clearly the march of regionalisation is moving forward despite the will of the people.
The representitives of the business community in the North East of England - the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) appear not to be challenging the existance or the cost of this most useless of government organisations. Why? Perhaps they have both become too friendly with this particular quango!

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