Sunday, July 3

It got worse not better !

Whilst Her Majesty's Subjects eyes turned towards the 'Dianaisation' of Africa by Geldolf, Bono and most of the nations press one of the most devestating documents ever to be published by Whitehall was slipped onto an official website at 4.30 pm on Friday afternoon.

There can be no denying that the current governments skills of being able to bury bad news, HMG are the best of any government in the western world in modern times to publish when no one is looking.

Lord Birt's (the former Chairman of the BBC) series of reports on the real state of Britain under New Labour have been, to use a typical British understatement, a tad disappointing for the government.

The reports have been published over five years covering the key segments of Government from Crime, Health and Education. Lord Birt was hired to do the Prime Ministers's 'blue skies thinking'. The conclusion of the reports on the real state of Britain under new Labour are astonishing because they all explode Blair's claims to be setting the nation to rights. Fridays report is no exception, confirming the view that after several years of large tax increases and the disasters state plundering of private pension schemes, there is little to show in return and even less sign that the Government has any serious idea for real change.

Lord Birt confirms that vast amount of funding is trickling away being used to create jobs in the public sector for very little measurable return.

One dramatic development recently was to come from Lord Birt's specially constructed office was the news that the ceiling had collapsed, the advantage being to give Lord Birt a better view of the blue sky (and storm clouds) above the Whithall village. Well now something else has also now collapsed - New Labour's long pretence that it is a serious reforming government tackling the deep and pressing problems of our society. Clearly it can only get better !

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